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A suite of statements Congressman Ron Paul has revamped the earlier 30 years facing overseas coverage from the date he was once first elected to Congress. Ron Paul presents a heritage of monetary coverage within the usa and makes use of this background to argue that an analogous loose marketplace principals utilized to U.S. household coverage can be utilized to U.S. international coverage

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On the day we "stood firm" against Communist aggression in this hemisphere by invading Grenada, our president apologized to those liberal House Members who were "soft on communism" and pleaded for their vote to ensure the passage ofthe IMF bill, so the "Communist dictators" can continue to receive taxpayers' dollars--dollars used to support Castro's adventurism in the Carribean and in CentralAmerica. Our official policy currently is to be tough on communism, but at the same time promote low-interest loans, allowing Red China to buy nuclear technology, F-16's and other military technology-all this by the strongest anti-Communist administration that we've had in decades.

Four decades of an interventionist foreign policy have not enhanced our security and/or our defensive capability. Instead, we have dissipated our energies and left ourselves militarily and economically weak by our indiscriminate actions. The resolution is merely a reflection of our current bankrupt foreign policy-a policy we can no longer afford. We have spent over $2 trillion on foreign aid programs since the end of World War II, yet we have not bought peace, prosperity, or security. The time has come to alter drastically our foreign policy.

It is said that a "yes" vote on the resolution is a vote against massacres. I disagree. Hardly anyone, surely, would accuse anotherofbeing in favor of such a massive disregard for human life. There are sound reasons, though for not passing a resolution ofthis kind without careful consideration ofits entire meaning. The fIrst section ofthe resolution-that condemns the immorality ofruthless killing-is a clear statement with which we all agree. However, section 5-which encourages the president to continue our involvement in the chaos in the Middle East in "every possible way"-just opens the door for more hostility, not less.

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