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The 17 \8 Dolgikh, Rodovoy j pkmmnoy sostav, pp. 77~3, 178, 23<;-41, 260-4, 272-3; Hajdu, FinnoUgrian, p. 217; Khomich, Nmtsy, pp. 2<;-41; Narody Sunri, pp. 10<)-10,379,383,493-5. Khomich, Nmtsy, pp. 114-32; Narody Sunri, pp. 613-18, 650--3. 18 SIBERIA DISCOVERED Samoyeds had sacred sites on elevated ground where effigies of gods were placed and bones, skulls and anders from sacrificed animals accumulated. 1ead operations. Like civilised nations, the Samoyed clans from time to time came into conflict with each other or with their neighbours - west of the Urals this meant th~ Russians and their vassals the Komis, east of the Urals the Khantys, Selkups or Tungus.

In this context the word 'Cossack' is often used to cover not only Cossacks proper, but also regular soldiers of the state (slre/tsy) and 'men of service' (s/uzhilye /yudi and deti . boyarskiye). Both of these categories, like the Cossacks, expected to sup- ' plement their income with plunder. 16 Another factor which tended towards oppressive and dishonest practices in Russian colonial possessions was the system of 'feeding' (kormleniye), by which provincial governors appointed by the Moscow government received no salary, but were expected to 'nourish themselves' from the taxes and dues which they exacted in excess of the rates required by the treasury.

8 His exploits were celebrated in folk-songs and chronicles, with an admixture of miracles, 9 and the legend of :Yerrnak was maintained by various means. For instance, an Orthodox banner depicting St Dimitri, which ostensibly belonged to Yermak, was preserved in the cathedral in Omsk; a monument to him was erected in Tobolsk in 1839; he was made the subject of a famous ballad by the Roman. I. Surikov in 1895 which hangs in the Russian Museum in Leningrad. In pre-revolutionary Russia it was possible to see .

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