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By Julian Granberry

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Phonological Reconstitution. Personal letter to Julian Granberry. 90 Languages of the World/Dictionaries Noyes, James 1669. Pequot Indian Glossary. Ms. in Beinecke Library, Yale University, In this series New Haven, Connecticut. Prince, J. Dyneley and Frank G. Speck 1903. The Modern Pequots and Their Language. American Anthropologist, vol. 5, pp. 193-212. 1904. Glossary of the Mohegan Language. American Anthropologist, vol. 6, pp. , Jr. 1975. "Resurrecting Virginia Algonquian from the Dead". In Studies in Southeastern Indian Languages, ed.

Where (inanimate) [Source: Diary 2] tolipas see doyibas towaj particle (to· 'waj) /towaj/ [towhage] why [Source: Noyes] tud- verb (tud-) /t:xl-1 [tudd-] drink. Ex. tudum [tuddum] 'he drinks' [Source: Diary I] tugung noun (tu·'gung) lt:~g:Jng! [tuggung] axe [Source: Diary 1] tugunig noun (tu·'gu·nig) lt:~g:Jnig/ [tugerneeg] bread. Ex. W locative suffix [Source: Diary l, Diary 2, Sermon, Tale] ugi see (o)ki -ukpronominal suffix (-uk) 1-:Jk/ [-uk] l. l (Conjunct Order, Secondary Suffixes); 2. we (Conjunct Order, Primary S~ffrxes); 3.

6, pp. 469-476. 1928. Native Tribes and Dialects of Connecticut: A Mohegan Diary. In the Bureau of American Ethnology 43rd Annual Report, pp. 199289. Stiles, Ezra 1762. A Vocabulary of the Pequot Indians, Obtained in 1762 at Groton, Connecticut. International Journal of American Linguistics, 39(4):164-172 [in article by William Cowan, Pequot from Stiles to Speck]. 01 Wang Xianzheng, Zhu Yongzhong, Min he Mangghuer- English Keith Slater, & Kevin Stuart Dictionary 03 John Keegan Dictionary of Mbay 16 Michel Ferlus (ed .

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