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By Orlando Figes

It truly is heritage on an epic but human scale. sizeable in scope, exhaustive in unique learn, written with ardour, narrative ability, and human sympathy, A People's Tragedy is a profound account of the Russian Revolution for a brand new iteration. Many think about the Russian Revolution to be the main major occasion of the 20th century. exclusive student Orlando Figes provides a landscape of Russian society at the eve of that revolution, after which narrates the tale of ways those social forces have been violently erased. in the extensive stokes of struggle and revolution are miniature histories of people, during which Figes follows the most players' fortunes as they observed their hopes die and their global crash into ruins. not like past money owed that hint the origins of the revolution to overreaching political forces and beliefs, Figes argues that the failure of democracy in 1917 used to be deeply rooted in Russian tradition and social heritage and that what had begun as a people's revolution contained the seeds of its degeneration into violence and dictatorship. A People's Tragedy is a masterful and unique synthesis by means of a mature pupil, awarded in a compelling and accessibly human narrative.

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Vienna, however, took immediate steps to dispute the authenticity of the document. No German original could be traced in the imperial archives, and the expert bibliographers of the early eighteenth century all concurred that the letter was an undoubted forgery, the product of the pen ofa semi-literate Russian chancery clerk or of some German lost in the wilds of Siberia. Even Peter recognised that he had never come across such dreadful style or language. 71. Ruffman, 'England', p. 223; SIRIO, 66, pp.

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