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This quantity represents the court cases of a convention celebrating the foreign yr for the World's Indigenous Peoples, held in Townsville, Queensland, in 1993.

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He scouts any suggestion that prejudice may be the result of ignorance, but leaves room in his theory for 'people whose prejudice is based on misinformation'. The ignorance or misinformation which may underlie antipathy is not a lack of information in the sense that information is provided by is it a lack of the personal experience and understanding gained by contact with the strangers in everyday relations. Neither 'prejudice' nor 'antipathy' has any meaning unless the group against which it is directed is specified.

When there is a shortage of labour the employer no longer worries so much about the colour of an employee's skin. When his premises are banned to white troops the dance-hall manager who had previously admitted coloured servicemen decides to change his policy. It is unfortunate that this distinction is not developed further, for, if any 'act of deprivation directed towards Negroes with menial tasks, ticular threat to patterns individually' be regarded as discriminatory, then a landlady's turning away a would-be lodger, or a invitation to dance, is also motivated by prejudice.

He acts made contrary to the forces determining that to suffer for doing Paramount among the so, factors and will be brought which in this way determine the general course of conduct People are united by conflicting interests. common These is that of class interest. and separated from others by interests interests are conceived as fundamentally of an economic character, the possession of power being desired as a means of exploitation. The members of particular classes come into conflict when for if they their interests are opposed, do not defend and they are bound their interests they disappear.

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