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I first discovered that there have been many hugely credentialled scientific researchers difficult the HIV=AIDS speculation in 1988, and i've been heavily following the talk ever considering the fact that. Jon's e-book covers intimately the whole saga of the talk, and with no the contrived hypothesis of conspiracists, truly unearths an unheard of modern day business scandal. even supposing the ebook used to be released over 15 years in the past, its contents are as actual this present day as they have been whilst it was once written. an individual who's concerned with any approach with HIV/AIDS may still learn this e-book.

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You know, one of the papers we published in AIDS Research showed that, from the blood of 60 or 70 AIDS patients, after analysis by three different well-known labs, there wasn't a sign of HTLV-1 in any of that blood. This was at the period when the theory was that HTLV-1 was the cause of AIDS. The author sent that paper around to the usual journals, and they all turned it down. This is part of the informal stranglehold on AIDS research that exists. The paper was a very angry piece about the stupidity of HTLV-1.

Artificial high titers being introduced, for example, to make virulent effects where none would exist in real life, in the human body. A: I would take AIDS research from the lab much more into the clinical situation. See what patients are showing. What are their signs. I would look at patients much more. Our instrumentation these days is so sensitive. So we have a tendency to remove ourselves from real life. Q: At the top of the AIDS research establishment, there is a great deal of politics, at least in the sense that you have to claim you have a major discovery like HIV and a cure on the way, in order to justify millions of research dollars.

Q: In which case, the HIV thesis would seem to be operating as a diversion from the truth. A: Yes. There is a history to this. There was such a hasty process - the worst thing that happened was the announcement in 1984 that HIV had been discovered to be the cause of AIDS. That did damage to the whole scientific endeavor. There are social factors here, you know, in the whole presumption that every disease has a single agent. Some people want to believe that nothing we do in our lives, in our environments, is really un healthy.

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