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By Doug Beyer

As soon as upon a time, the airplane of Alara was once shattered into 5 planes, every one rather populated with relative mono-magical tradition that displays all of the 5 shades. Now, the planes are commencing to realign and merge as soon as more.

As nefarious forces paintings to hasten the cataclysmic realignment for his or her personal achieve, the populations of as soon as ordered planes fight to return to phrases with a brand new planar order within which lengthy separated struggles among contrary conflict once again; martyrs face executioners, fireplace and water, earth and air, development and rot, the innate as opposed to the artificial.

Amid this chaos, Ajani, a fierce leonin planeswalker, struggles to deliver justice and backbone to his brother's demise. Noble warrior Rafiq searches for the resource of the of this evil that has invaded his global. And Sarkhan Vol, planeswalker and dragon hunter, faucets right into a energy so natural and old, it threatens to eat him at the same time he revels in its unadulterated totality.

An motion packed tale from the brain of 1 of the creators, Doug Beyer opens up the Shards of Alara(TM) set like not anyone else can.

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41 THE MYTHIC SYSTEM The Mythic System What is the Mythic System? As has been said, at its heart the Mythic System is a set of optional rules designed to reintroduce the illusion of the magical and the wondrous to the creation of magic items within the d20 game. It is also a tool which will allow both Games Masters and Players greater freedom in the creation of magical items for their campaigns. Using the Mythic System, no longer will the creation of magical items be restricted to members of the spellcasting classes.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item. Benefits: When crafting a magic item which does not normally have an affinity for the body slot it will occupy, the cost of the item is increased by 20%, rather than 50%. Special: Note that this does not permit you to create items in body slot/power combinations which the Games Master has specifically forbidden. In addition, the Reforge Item feat can be used to restore magical power to an item which has been successfully disenchanted through the use of disjunction or other, similar spells and spell-like effects.

This special ability applies only so long as the item is in hand, or on the bonded master’s person. See the Bonded Item Special Abilities sidebar for details of special Shielded: A bonded item familiar is far more hardy than other magic items and is highly resistant to destructive magic. A bonded staff, rod, ring or wand gains +1 hardness and two extra hit points per class level and its break DC is increased by a total of +2. Should the item familiar be destroyed, the bonded master must attempt a DC 15 Fortitude saving throw.

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