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By Mark Waid

The Avengers are dead--long reside the Avengers! Earth's Mightiest Heroes--Captain the United States, Thor, imaginative and prescient, and Iron Man--are dwelling separate lives, now not tied to any team--but whilst a chance from past the celebrities objectives our international, destiny attracts them jointly once again, along Nova, Ms. wonder, and Miles Morales a.k.a. Spider-Man!

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Courts are represented not with painted scenery but by appropriate varieties of theatrical ritual: processions, music, formal speech. 3 to proceed to a duel – a trial by combat that would have delivered the outcome into God’s hands. Richard, for once a good strategist, intervenes to banish both men, Mowbray because he may know too much about the murder of Woodstock in which Richard himself had had a hand, Bullingbrook because he may want too much, even the crown of England. Shakespeare, therefore, was concerned not just with chronicle and personality but with institutions: in particular with the fissures of court politics.

Their children, their prelates . . their nobles, their second-nobles . . ’23 The Pistol sequences in Henry V register not only the decease of the qualities of wit and ease incarnate in that ‘second-noble’ and unwilling man of war, Falstaff, but the contrast between heroic rhetoric and the actualities of politics and the battlefield, hinting the while at a causative relationship between male sexuality and military aggression. Henry V’s jingoism as he departs for France is replayed in a fustian mode as Pistol takes leave of the Hostess: Look to my chattels and my movables.

27 Wickham et al. 2000, p. 95; this order may, however, refer to anti-Martinist plays (see below) or to seditious matter in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus: see Clare 1990, pp. 24–59. , pp. 39–43, Clegg 1997. 29 See Bolam p. 144 in this volume; for the censorship of ‘Oldcastle’ (Falstaff), see Bulman pp. 160–2 in this volume. 30 See Collinson 2000a. 31 See McCabe 1981. 32 No officers were to permit interludes ‘wherein either matters of religion or of the governance of the estate of the Commonwealth shall be handled or treated: being no meet matters to be written or treated upon but by men of authority, learning, and wisdom, not to be handled before any audience, but of grave and discreet persons’ (Wickham et al.

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