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By Michael S. Ball, Gregory W H Smith

This quantity presents a easy framework for utilizing visible info - specifically nonetheless images - as a device for social research. The authors confirm the significance of theoretical assumptions in interpreting those information and supply recommendation on the way to use images in cognitive, symbolist and structuralist study. The ebook is richly illustrated with examples starting from local American mask to fragrance ads.

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Why the protruding eyes, which are the unvarying trait of all the types? Finally, why the quasi-demonic style resembling nothing else in the neighbouring cultures, or even in the culture which gave it birth? (1983, p. 12) Levi-Strauss's strikingly visual problem was, Why should a mask of this people look like this, be constructed in this manner, adopt this plastic form-why this? He fashioned his solution from a structural analysis of the myths, particularly myths of ancestry and origin, decoding the visual styles and symbolism of the masks by recourse to the stories embodied in cultural mythology.

Williamson writes: ''This is pure advertisement: the very essence of all advertising" (p. 90). The advertisement is a sign that is also attempting to present its referent, real bottles of Chanel No. 5, which of course are absent. Hence the peculiar "transparency" of this advertisement. Williamson examined a further range of techniques that advertisements emploit·o-~~~vey- theirmessage~ partiCiila'r iiiforesds the. , 1978, Plate A34). thfs·t;;~h~lq~~- is an ldentificatory process: You too can become like the image in the advertisement if you use the product.

An appreciation of communication content in its totality is one hallmark of symbolism and structuralism, the analytical schemes considered in the next chapter; a sensitivity to the social context in which the communicative message occurs is a feature of ethnomethodological work examined in the chapter that follows. These approaches show that it is possible to go beyond the manifest aspects of communication content, and to do so in a disciplined and systematic way. QUANTIFICATION AND QUALITATIVE CONTENT ANALYSIS Berelson (1952) argued that content analysis is an essentially quantitative research technique, and the two studies we have reviewed are representative in this respect.

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