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By Megg Jensen

**This novel is for top YA. It includes a few gentle language and short sexual situations**

Reychel is a slave woman surrounded by means of magic, lies and manipulation. Her ally disappears in the midst of the evening leaving Reychel to stand her 15th birthday, the day her grasp burns his model into the again of her bald head, by myself. She's sheltered from the surface global and doesn't have any wish for break out, but if humans determined for freedom ask for her support can Reychel discover ways to think in herself?

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The music of Eloh Saga:

The begin, ebook 1 - a novelette bridging the Cloud Prophet Trilogy and The Swarm Trilogy

Cloud Prophet Trilogy:
Anathema, booklet 2
Oubliette, booklet 3
Severed, ebook 4

The Swarm Trilogy:
Sleepers, publication 5
Afterlife, publication 6
The Sundering, ebook 7

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