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By David Miller, Gill Hubbard

This booklet is a one-stop consultant for an individual who desires to comprehend extra in regards to the G8, what it's, and why it is a challenge. best writers and activists together with Noam Chomsky, George Monbiot, Caroline Lucas, Mark Curtis and Susan George clarify in short, succinct chapters what's wrong with the G8 neo-liberal time table and suggest alternatives.

Chapters disguise G8 attitudes to the foremost concerns: warfare, company energy, weather swap, immigration, exchange, debt, nutrition. perfect for an individual who's afflicted through the present path set by way of our international leaders, this publication is additionally a useful tool for activists.

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How then can the conventional picture be so radically different from uncontroversial facts? The answer is simplicity itself. For a small sector of the society, the 1990s really were a grand economic boom. That sector happens to include those who tell others the joyous news. And they cannot be accused of dishonesty. They have no reason to doubt what they are saying. They read it all the time in the journals for which they write, and it accords with their personal experience: it is true of the people they meet in editorial offices, faculty clubs, elite conferences like the one the wizards are now attending, and the elegant restaurants where they dine.

Yet this is a world where half the population lives in poverty, on an average of US$2 a day, while the richest few dozen individuals command more wealth than hundreds of millions of people. In this situation, are the poor really not entitled to be ‘demanding from the rich’ rather than simply ‘matching rights and responsibilities’? Blair’s view is echoed by Chancellor Gordon Brown, who has outlined a ‘global new deal’ based on the poorest and richest countries ‘each meeting our obligations’. qxd 27/01/2005 14:50 Page 45 B R I TA I N AND THE G8 new investment’.

No sane person is ‘anti-globalization’. That should be particularly obvious for the labour movement and the left; the term ‘international’ is not exactly unknown in their history. In fact, the WSF is the most exciting and promising realization of the hopes of the left and popular movements, from their modern origins, for a true international, which will pursue a programme of globalization concerned with the needs and interests of people, rather than of illegitimate concentrations of power. These, of course, want to appropriate the term ‘globalization’, and to restrict it to their peculiar version of international integration, concerned with their own interests, those of people being incidental.

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