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By Steven R. Boyett

It's been 5 years because the lighting went out, automobiles stopped within the streets, and magical creatures begun roaming Earth.

Pete Garey survived the switch, trusting not anyone yet himself till the day he met Ariel-a unicorn who introduced new that means and event to his life.

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Where did they go? Inside a sealed straw! THE SECRET It’s a little-known fact that you can pre-load small objects (matches, in this case) into one end of a wrapped straw. The hole in the wrapper is invisible. ” MATERIALS: Two matchbooks (drawer-box matches won’t work) and a straw with a paper wrapper. DIFFICULTY: SETUP: This is a good restaurant effect as everything you need for “Match-ic Wand” is readily available and can be picked up on the way to your table. For best results, “plant” the following props on the table in advance; this way, it will appear you “borrow” all the objects.

I implied it, camouflaged within a different question. I imbedded a false memory in your head. The same techniques that you fooled yourself with will fool your friends. By the time you turned the page, the false memory was implanted in your head. Not only did you believe the statue was in the picture, you would have bet on it. USING THIS BOOK Before you begin using this book, a few notes… Welcome to orientation. By the end of this book, you’ll have both the material and the knowledge to perform amazing magic on a professional level.

People can’t stand to see money ruined, so there’s an emotional connection to the bill’s restoration. Every effect in this book matters. Use borrowed objects to perform effects that fulfill audience desires: Predict thoughts and phone numbers, make money appear, control a participant’s decision, and demonstrate a superhuman memory. The scripts are topical, the props familiar, and the magic unbelievable. It’s all here, performance-ready. This is the book I wish had existed when I started magic. When I was eight, I checked out every magic book at the library, but the information in each one was incomplete.

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