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By Richard T. Wright, Scott H. Decker, Neal Shover

Essentially the most feared crimes between city dwellers, armed theft poses a significant probability of damage or loss of life, and offers daunting demanding situations for legislation enforcement. but little is understood in regards to the advanced components that inspire assailants who use a weapon to take estate by way of strength or chance of force.

Armed Robbers in motion isn't really like prior reports that target the customarily distorted bills of incarcerated offenders. Richard T. Wright and Scott H. Decker carried out risky, life-threatening box study at the streets of St. Louis to procure extra forthright responses from robbers approximately their explanations and strategies. additionally they visited a number of crime scenes to ascertain how situational and spatial positive aspects of the environment contributed to the offense. Quoting generally from their conversations with the offenders, the authors give some thought to the situations underlying the choice to devote an armed theft, discover how and why objectives are selected, and aspect many of the strategies utilized in a hold-up.

By reading the criminals' candid views on their activities and their social atmosphere, the authors supply a fuller realizing of armed theft. They finish with an insightful dialogue of the results in their findings for crime prevention coverage.

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You ever notice that some people want to be like other people?... They might want to dress like this person, like dope dealers and stuff like that. They go out there [on the street corner] in diamond jewelry and stuff. " You got to make some kind of money [to look like that], so you want to make a quick hustle. (Robert Lee Davis—No. 12) Wearing the right clothes is an important part of fitting into any social setting. This is no less true for street culture, which has its own dress code. That code calls for the bold display of the latest status symbol clothing and accessories, a look that loudly proclaims the wearer to be someone who has overcome—if only temporarily—the financial difficulties faced by others on the street corner (Katz 1988).

During our interview, it became clear that he was a well-connected armed robber and could serve as a valuable source of referrals. When asked if he would be willing to introduce us to his associates, he expressed some reluctance but, after considerable reassurance that we were trustworthy, finally consented. As figure 1 indicates, however, this never happened; he was arrested and charged with armed robbery within hours of speaking to us. We had no hand whatsoever in his apprehension. Nevertheless, several of our street contacts report that he continues to believe that we were responsible for his arrest.

56 KEY * Females ~ Juveniles (under 18) O Whiles 85 Herein Adjkt/Pnutitute STUDYING ACTIVE ARMED ROBBERS 21 but assured us that as a junkie and street corner heroin dealer he came across many people who did commit such crimes. Only after being named as an accomplice by another offender did he admit to having taken part in the occasional stickup. He explained that he had not admitted his involvement earlier because he was worried about being set up for an arrest. As can be seen, Offender No. 04 went on to provide us with many more referrals.

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