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October 1, 2015
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What do supporters of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have in common? A deep fear of money in politics.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are two presidential candidates with two very different voices. While they’re both white, male and have pretty notable hairstyles, they don’t have much in common — besides what their supporters say about them.

DecodeDC reporter Miranda Green and producer Eric Krupke recently took a trip to the frontlines of the 2016 battlefield — a rally for Sanders in North Carolina and one for Trump in Texas.  And what they learned was surprising. While visibly different on the surface, the events had one clear similarity: supporters, on both sides of the political spectrum, with a deep fear of big money in politics.

On this week’s podcast, Green and Krupke take you to the rallies and let you hear from the supporters. You’ll also hear from Robert Litan, a former Brookings Institution Senior Fellow, about what’s behind these candidates’ popularity — and how the unexpected similarities in their support boil down to one thing: Citizens United.