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August 27, 2015
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Parents fight government to get medical marijuana for their sick kids.

Renee Petro was out of options for her sick son Brandon.

“As a mother, you have to do everything for your child … you have to go through any length to do that, and nothing will stop you—that’s when I came across cannabis,” she said.

Petro is a part of a growing group of parents across the country fighting to get medical cannabis, and the drugs derived from it, for their sick children when every other legal drug has failed. The problem is, most of them live in states where it is illegal to administer medical marijuana to a minor.

“I thought to myself, wait a second, this is the last hope, “ Petro said. “But the Catch-22 is I am in an illegal state, so I could risk loosing my child if I do something illegal.”

On this episode of the DecodeDC podcast, guest host Miranda Green teams up with News 21 reporters who did a deep-dive on all aspects of marijuana policy – including the challenges these desperate parents face every day.

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