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August 28, 2015
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They may not condone it, but they’ve toked it.

Although marijuana remains classified as a Schedule I drug, in the company with heroin and LSD, opinions and laws about pot are changing – in some cases rapidly. Decriminalization is going into effect in many states and recreational use is now legal in four states with medical marijuana gaining wider acceptance.

These changing views are thanks largely to marijuana advocates and some big names, who have either called for marijuana legalization or at the very least… admitted to using it.

Now the Marijuana Policy Project, an interest group at the center of the fight for pot, is giving credit where it thinks credit is deserved: the “50 most influential marijuana consumers.” At the top of the list, which was released this week, are a good number of politicians, including at least eight of the 23 presidential hopefuls who have admitted using marijuana.

Here are some of the politicos who made the cut and the quotes that got them there.